Monday, August 8, 2011


Blog posts have been accumulating in my head like bad similes, and so I go to write them down and then I think to myself, "wait, that can't possibly be the first post on your BRAND NEW BLOG you are doing it wrong, idiot," and then I go and do something else, usually involving video games or eating. So here I am, getting the first post out of the way so that I can do all the other posts.

My intention for this thing is for it to be a repository of all the thoughts I have on the bits of popular culture I consume; comics, video games, books, movies, anime, TV shows, etc. I don't really have any intention of becoming a political blog because I don't necessarily have the attention span to write well about it and I don't want to be the kind of blogger that just posts links to things with taglines that are just snarky one-liners about how angry I am about things. Not that I'm denigrating the people who do that, but the ones I read do it well and have anger that concentrates their snark to a finely honed edge, whereas my anger is sort of like a broken fire hydrant (it's interesting for a little bit and then you just kind of wish someone would come by and make it stop, also now your shoes are all wet). My thoughts about media and stories are more subjective and I don't feel so bad if they aren't so focused. I'm not trying to make qualitative cultural critiques, I just want to talk about why I turned Shutter Island off after an hour (because it was boring, that's why (and this is coming from someone who loved Leo and Marty's previous escapades in The Departed aside from the fact that they killed Martin Sheen, which should be against the law these days. On that note, I'm happy that he's Uncle Ben because it makes total sense, but that also means I am going to have to watch him eat it again because spoilers, Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man because Uncle Ben died. I would really rather watch a movie where Martin Sheen gets bitten by the spider and spends half the movie swinging around the city and the other half having avuncular US policy debates with the CGI ghost of John Spencer spliced together from old West Wing clips.)

Initially when I created the account with blogger or blogspot or wherever the hell this thing is now it was called something really amazingly stupid and pretentious, so much so that I refuse to reveal it. I then forgot about it for about a year, thankfully, and when I went to go create another one, thinking my previous, unused account could not possibly be around, I discovered that it was, in fact, still around. Then I saw the name and thought to myself, "Jesus fucking Christ, self, you need to change the name to something less pretentious." And here we are.

I swear a lot. I hope that doesn't bother anybody.

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  1. Previous name: "Erudite Crudités."

    Perhaps "The Metaphylum Asylum."

    Or "Encylopedia Brown's House of Chicken and Waffles."

    "Verak II."